2018 Mosaic Breakout Sessions

We are thrilled to announce our seminars for 2018.  This year we will only have two sessions of seminars, so you must pick just two from the list to attend.  We pray that each mom attending will be encouraged and be excited to sit in and learn from these seminars.  


    natalie Gywn (Session 1 &2)

    Do you struggle to use your inside voice when talking to your children? Do your children occasionally forget to wear underwear? Have you ever driven away and left a child behind? Do you pee when you laugh? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably one of the World’s Okayest Moms.


    Join Natalie Gwyn, author of OKAYEST MOM: When God’s Plan of Adoption Doubled My Family, as she shares stories from the trenches. She offers her own mistakes and “failures”  as proof the God wants to use our imperfect lives to accomplish His perfect will.  Learning to recognize our own broken areas will allow us to better enter in to our children’s pain. 

  • The Gift Within

    Liz Thiele (Session 1 & 2)

    So often in the midst of trauma, difficult diagnoses and never ending acronyms that therapists, social workers and doctors give to our precious children, we become overwhelmed forgetting who they are in God’s eyes.  God created our children for a reason, for His Kingdom.  As we look past the diagnoses, trauma and acronyms, fixing our eyes on Jesus we are able to see the gift within our children.  Join Liz, a mother of nine and a grandmother of two as she encourages us from the scriptures to see our children as God sees them. 

  • What's He thinking

    Todd Nighswonger (session 1)

    Have you ever wondered what your husband was thinking about or wrestling with regarding foster care and/or adoption? Or, maybe you could care less what he is thinking (but you should!)? In this seminar, Todd will take you on a journey into the hidden and elusive mind of your husband (Disclaimer: ONLY regarding foster care and adoption). Most importantly, however, we will explore God’s Word and your role in helping your husband to flourish as a foster and/or adoptive dad. 

  • Flourishing in the Midst of Infertility

    Lisa Nighswonger (session 2) 

    When Lisa and her husband, Todd, were married almost 24 years ago, she had the perfect plan. But, as months turned into years and years turned into decades, infertility became part of her story. She will walk through how to live not just survive in the midst of the mourning, heartache, jealousy and many other feelings that accompany infertility. It is possible to have joy in the midst of unanswered prayers. She will share her story and discuss the biblical truth necessary to flourish with each of our unique stories that God is writing.

  • Mosaic Prayer Room

    During each seminar session, you will have the option of going to the Mosaic prayer room. This will be a will be a safe place to pray, get prayer and to spend time pouring your heart out to Jesus.