2017 Mosaic Breakout Sessions

We are very excited to be offering breakouts that we think will have an impact on your family and your relationship with the Lord. 

  • The Faithfulness of God

    Shauna Vaughan and Lisa Nighswonger (Breakout #1)

    The Faithfulness of God with Lisa Nighswonger and Shauna Vaughan is an interactive class where you will hear about God's faithfulness and you will share about the faithfulness of God in YOUR life! No doubt God has done a work in your heart and life to get you to where you are today, we want to hear about those moments - not your entire story (because of time) but those God sized moments that change everything. Let's gather together and share (in short 2-3 min story fashion) God's faithfulness in the tiniest of details to greatest of moments as foster/adoptive moms. 

  • Giving Voice to Siblings: Hearing Our Children in the Midst of Upheaval

    Lisa and AnnaRose Qualls (BREAKOUT #1 and #2)

    Join Lisa Qualls and her daughter, Annarose (19) as they share the story of adding three siblings to their family at one time, followed by one more fifteen months later. Hear what they wish they had known, what they would do differently now, and how their family was changed and their faith deepened by the experience of learning to love children from “hard places.” 

  • Caring for Yourself While Caring for Children from Trauma   

    Kristin Berry (BREAKOUT #2 and #3)

    Parenting is exhausting! We want to do our best to care for our children but sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Learn a few ways to keep yourself healthy in the midst of this journey. 

  • Endurance for the Journey

    Mariana Abarta (Breakout #2 and #3)

    Mariana and her husband Steve have been foster parents for 31 years.  She is an R.N. and she and her husband take medically fragile and special needs infants.  They have taken in about 108 babies in their time as foster parents.  In this seminar, Mariana will share what led her to become a foster parent and how it impacted her family. She will also touch on the difficulties of being a foster parent and how to have endurance in the journey that God has called you to. 

  • A Date with God: HOPE

    Sheila Earwood & the Mosaic Prayer Team (All Breakouts)

    We are all in need of hope…

         It easy to lose focus and perspective, not only in the midst of the unique challenges that we face, but also in the day to day busyness of life.  The demands of life and motherhood will deplete us if we are not finding our strength and hope in God alone.  God has an ever-flowing river of grace ready for us.  So Come… This is your time to be refreshed & renewed in His Presence.  You will be reminded that HOPE is Having the very presence of God Overflowing in you with Power for Every moment. 

    Not only will you have time alone with God, but there will be women available to pray with you and for you as needed.